Pages amanager A place where all pages are managed. In this system, there are 3 types of pages, Admin page, System page, COntent page. Admin pages are those that are accessible only via administration panel and after successful login of admnistrator. System pages are the ones that system use for various occasions e.g. Error page.

Management contain feature rich editor to edit content of the static pages. Or if you are planning to use external php file which will retrieve data from database and process them into the desired form you can set route to this file here. This form allows also setting basic meta tags for every single page.

To manage bigger amount of pages is made easy by filtering them via search form. It is possible to use all filters together or only few ones, filtered pages are displayed below.

Every single page can be quick edited or if there is necessary to edit more than just a title or alias there is also a full edit form.

Each page can be permitted to view by members of certain user group or groups. Once the user is member of more groups and one of those groups is permitted to view the page the page will be displayed even other groups of which user is a member are not permitted to view the page.

Every page can be assigned to appear in menu, if it is already assigned in menu the warning panel will be displayed.

Pages can be set to inactive status in case you need to edit it's content and error message stating that page is inactive right now will be displayed if visitor click on a link to page. Otherwise if user have a link directly to page but he is not authorized to see the page (he is not a member of certain group) the error message is displayed instead.


  • Allow assigning bootstrap and jQuery plugins for each page in administration

Quick editing Editing page Assigning permissions Assigning to menu