Tools & Settings

General Settings

This is the place where all main information about website can be set or changed. Like website name, website email, logo (must be included in template to be shown), date format, date time format, switch website offline and set countdown to appear again online, set pages for login, registration, error, home, members home, and many other settings

Layout tab provide ability to set some values for front end appearance like page load effect, page parts reload effects, lightbox settings, setting template to use. Later I am planning to add also settings for templates as some may use them.

Social and SEO tab is for setting all those codes and api keys from Google analytics, Webmasters Tools, reCaptcha, Bing webmasters, ... For setting social links connected to your website etc. I have plan to add more social links, improve widget and add more settings for other search engines too. But later ...

Plugins is a list of scripts collected around the web and used with this project. In list there is a name, current used version, a variable which should be set to true if you wish to use that script on particular page. For now this variable must be set programatically in php file for particular page. But in the very near future I have plan to assign those variables in pages administration, while creating new or updating existing page. On plan is also making possible to edit settings for every script that is planned to be used on page, so PHP will render javascript code in footer automatically without need to open file and look into code.

General settings Layout settings SEO settings Plugins settings


Database toolsAllows to assign table aliases which are stored in database table. Why I used table aliases ... System is using some tables with alot of data like IP to Country database and Geo location tables witl list of all provinces, regions, cities and towns (not included with package btw) so using table alias allows to share those tables between more sites only condition is that table structure must be exactly same. Basically in PHP code is used alias for table name and table name for particular alias is defined in database.

It also allows some basic operations with tables like TRUNCATE, DROP or set AUTOINCREMENT to 1.

Next feature is creating database backup which is stored on server and can be downloaded and deleted later.


In development - an idea is to delete cache fast and to set expiration for cache. A job for 2 hours, including testing but have other things to do right now :)


In development - and idea to create backup of all files and database with one click. Also a 2 hours job ... lol


In development - idea of some simple ftp client able to upload, delete, rename, copy, move files within public_html directory. Probably will use some third party script.


In development - basically its loging into database of what are visitors doing on site. Nothing heavy for processing as most of data necessary for logs is already retrieved by other features. Can be very handy for Limiter feature which will allow to limit some users actions for certain amount of time.