Quick editing The widgets manager is a place where a widgets or small blocks for every page can be managed.

The widgets can have as same as page static content, which can be created and edited with help of rich feature text editor that supports also image upload or can be created as external php file which allows to retrieve custom dynamic data retrieved from database and displayed in widget.

There are 8 positions for placing widget starting from top above navigation, below navigation, above content body, left column, center column top, center column bottom, right column, below content body. These positions can be set differently for any page and for any group.

Permissions are fully settable for every page and every group which gives ability to display widget to certaing users and on certain pages only, even in different combinations (e.g. members of group 1 will see widget on members home page, members of group 2 will see same widget on contact form and anonymous visitors will see same widget on the public home page.

Similarly like in Pages manager all widgets can be filtered or searched.

So far system contain 3 widgets with external php code.

  • Social widget - A block with links to social networks fully manageable from administration area.
  • Slider widget - A block that display slider fully manageable from administration area.
  • Login widget - A block with simple login form that allows users to log in.


  • Allow quick edit
  • Allow assigning multiple groups in permissions

Editing widget Assigning widgets