About Project

What is it

It is not a blog system, or Content Management System like Wordpress or Drupal. It's just a collection of reusable functions, classes, integrated plugins, tools, back end and front end enhancements working together, fully manageable via administration panel and easy to use for any kind of web project. Starting with small company websites up to complicated booking systems or social networks.

Why new development framework

The idea was to have a bunch of various scripts, plugins and hacks that I can use on my future projects. Later as I kept using it new and new ideas emerged and I kept adding features and integrating third party scipts. For example when was working on project that needed picture upload and resizing I added universal function which can handle both and can be used for any future project. Same for jQuery or Bootstrap plugins. I used it in one project and automatically added them to this collection for future use. Right now it contain almost 70 third party jQuery and Bootstrap plugins and PHP scripts or classes. In progress is management for those third party plugins which will allow comfortable management from administration area without necessity to open notepad, edit file and upload new file to server. So far it is possible to attach plugins to each page separately and when page is viewed only plugins assigned to particular page are loaded.